The Corporate Champions Program: The Only Leadership Development Course You Ever Need to Take

By Mark Tewksbury

If I could send someone to only one leadership development training program in their lives, it would be the Corporate Champions Program.   Okay, I know I am biased because I helped create it, but I stand by my claim.

Why?  Because I know it works!  This is the program that keeps on giving.

Decades ago, I worked with Debbie Muir, a kick-ass coach that knew high-performance and how to train to win.  She maximized the limited time we had together each week, a couple hours max, by isolating what she wanted me to learn and then making me integrate those skills into my daily training routine.   By making me go back to some fundamental skill building, my performance went to another level.  Ultimately, she helped me reach my life-long dream of winning the Olympics.  

Little did I know that the real win was learning leadership essentials I could continue to practice and perfect the rest of my life.  Debbie started me down a pathway that I continue to this day.  It is no accident I have been able to find ongoing success.  I have a toolbox of skills to draw from.  Now you can too! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to take the Virtual Corporate Champions Program!  Load yourself with fundamental skills you will use for the rest of your life.   Learn how to apply high-performance tools from an Olympic winning coach and leadership expert, Debbie Muir.

For 12 weeks you will be taken through 3 levels of course work, each with a slightly different take on leadership.  You learn about leading yourself; leading others; and about the impact and legacy of your actions.   

What makes this program different from the multitude of leadership programs out there?

The Virtual Corporate Champions Program is APPLIED!  YOUR TRAINING GROUND IS YOUR WORKPLACE.

That means you practice all the leadership skills at work, in real time.  It’s not about reading theory or doing case studies.  After applying the skills, you evaluate how you did so you can learn how to be better.  Just like an athlete trains for their sport on whatever their field of play is, you will do the same purposeful practice for your leadership skills. 

We will guide you the entire time. You will learn things about yourself that you never knew. And, by the end, you will have the foundation to build a strong, high-performing leadership practice for yourself. 

Want to be a world-class, high performing leader?  Don’t leave it to chance!  You can check out and sign up for the program here. Don’t miss out!  Invest in 12-weeks of APPLIED leadership development training that will change your leadership practice forever.