Welcome to The Great Traits Academy

The Great Traits Academy (GTA) is now open! 

I’m proud to say after many months of creating we are now offering our first course at the GTA. This course is for anyone who wants to be the master of their own destiny. It’s called the Self-Starter’s Guide to Success and Happiness. It’s the kind of course that you will want to come back to over and over again. And, every time you do, you will have new take-aways and ah-ha moments. This course is the gift that keeps on giving.

What a journey it has been to get here. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Jay Mehr and his vision with UPWEGO, the journey never would have begun. So big shout out and thank you to Jay! He inspired us to try something new and supported us the whole way.  

We certainly had to call up and put to use many of our 24 Great Traits to get to where we are today. We took a lot of twists, turns, and pivots as we dove into this new world of e-learning courses. Initially we thought we’d be up and running by November 2020. I mean how hard could it really be. We know our content inside and out – make a few videos and some workbooks and we’d be off to the races. Well, it didn’t quite work like that, but I can say it gave us the opportunity to test the Great Traits. And, so proud to say they work. Whatever you are trying to achieve you will find great success when you use the traits to help you be successful.

How did this course come to be? As you likely already know, the genesis of Great Traits began with an Olympic winning athlete (Mark Tewksbury) and an Olympic winning coach (Me – Debbie Muir). We took everything we learned about winning the Olympics and distilled them into 24 traits that ultimately became our book, The Great Traits of Champions – Fundamentals for Achievers, Leaders and Legacy Leavers. We realized there was a lot of crossover between what you need to do to win the Olympics and what you need to do to be successful in anything. 

The Self-Starter’s Guide to Success and Happiness, trains you just the way we train high-performance athletes. In sport we have what we call the gold medal athletes development pathway, and using that same successful process we have created a gold medal pathway in the course. We teach, coach, and guide you along the pathway as one trait feeds into and amplifies the next. You will practice and perfect the 8 Achiever Traits ultimately lead you to being successful and the master of your own destiny. And, it’s not just a one off – you will use this program over your lifetime for continued success and happiness. 

New e-course
Mark Tewksbury & Debbie Muir launch new e-course