Corporate Champions Program

The Corporate Champions Program is a truly unique APPLIED leadership program, delivered online.

Participants are taken on a High-Performance Pathway over 12-week. The CCP teaches Applied Leadership Essentials from a broad point of view – leading yourself, leading others, and leading with legacy. Upon completion, a graduate receives a Certificate of Applied Leadership Studies from Great Traits and joins the esteemed Corporate Champions Alumni.

APPLIED means you practice!

Since the CCP was founded by Olympians, the idea of daily practice is central to this leadership training. As opposed to being theoretical, participants put to practical use every tool & exercise over 12 weeks. And they do it in real time in real situations. Their workplace is the training ground. And the broader your base, the higher your performance will be.

Here is what people are saying after taking the Corporate Champions Program

CCP Grad

I can’t even begin to capture how much this program changed me.

CCP Grad

It was fun and competitive and the learning stuck in a different way.

CCP Grad

Typically, courses are a day or two then you are left on your own. What I learned gets lost pretty quickly. The main advantage of this program is that it was a learning journey over many months so the concepts got ingrained deeper. It really impacted how I am as a leader.

CCP Grad

The biggest thing about this program is – you know you have all these traits – through the course work they get elevated, put a spotlight on, so you can use them.

CCP Grad

This program helped me stop and reflect – thinking about my actions – whether verbal or non-verbal cues, my interactions with others. I put more thought into how I might be perceived – in both positive and challenging times, not only with the team I lead but with my larger peer group across the organization.

CCP Grad

Three of us from the same company knew of each other but had never really even spoken. Now we are really connected. A nice by-product of the program.

CCP Grad

I used to focus on my downfalls instead of focusing on what got me to the win. Focusing on small wins had helped me champion myself and go to the next level.

CCP Grad

I was so different on the last day from Day One. We all have it. But you have to have someone to help you pull it out. The Corporate Champions Program helped harness what I had within me.

CCP Grad

After taking this Corporate Champions Program I find it easier to get alignment with the stakeholders and get better results faster.


Virtual Corporate Champions Program
Applied High-Performance Leadership Training
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This program runs virtually from:
January 24 through April 19, 2022
April 5 through June 28, 2022
September 19 through December 13, 2022
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